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Permedia® Viewers Software

Permedia® Viewers software is a low-cost, easy-to-install and use set of analysis and visualization tools. Integrate data from disparate packages from a variety of vendors with drag-and-drop ease.

The software includes a full OpenGL-accelerated 3D visualization environment, a suite of mapping analysis tools, a Well Viewer for analyzing well data, as well as powerful reporting tools for querying and analyzing data and post-processing simulation results.

Featuring industry-leading file support, the software allows you to co-render and analyze data from multiple packages, giving you a whole new perspective on the complex plumbing of petroleum systems.



3D Viewer

3D Viewer can integrate regional, basin and reservoir data into a single environment. Supporting more than 100 different formats, including PetroMod, Temis, Gocad, Eclipse, Irap, 3D Viewer can be used to calibrate and add quality control to all of your models. 3D Viewer is powered by OpenInventor.

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Map Viewer

Map Viewer is an advanced set of mapping tools that can be used for model building, data visualization and integration. It includes all of the map analysis features required by a petroleum systems modeler, including fetch, closure and fill-spill analysis, as well as pre-processing tools needed by modelers for fixing grids.

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Well Viewer

Well Viewer includes trace colorizers, calculation options, and live links with Data Explorer for plotting well data. Take any well data as a starting point, augment it with data derived from curves, tables, volumes, and meshes, then use the combined dataset as input to calculators in user-defned scripts. Using the new equation and scripting support, create any number of traces on the fy based on existing traces, or other data added to the scene.

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Data manipulation and analysis

Permedia Viewers software includes a rich set of tools for analyzing and manipulating data. Perform operations such as extracting mesh data coincident with wells, cross plotting mesh and well properties, extracting volume data along a mapped horizon, generating burial histories, querying mesh properties through time, and many more.

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Temis mesh loaded in 3D Viewer, showing porosity

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