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Use Data Explorer to plot complex relationships and create report-quality graphics. Load well data, maps, meshes, or geochem data. Data Explorer creates a variety of easy-to-use plots and allows you to constrain the data to a specific data range for any variable in the data set. Results can be exported to Excel spreadsheet format.

Cross Plot
Create X-Y plots of any two selected variables; color data points by category or a third variable, size points by a fourth, and label points by a fifth.
Pairs Plot
Display cross plots of a set of selected variables against another selected variable in a single window. Constrain data variables to a specific range on the fly.
Fully interactive
Launch Data Explorer from Well Viewer to create cross plots and summary statistics for the extracted well data.
Synchronized views
Select points in the cross plot to highlight the data as a marker in Well Viewer and 3D Viewer.


Data Explorer provides multiple views on your data.

Data Explorer (PDF, 164 KB)
Use Data Explorer to plot tabular data.

Image Browser (PDF, 260 KB)
Capture your workflow on the fly and share presentations.