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Mapping - Model Building

Use Prospector to build basin models on the fly from a set of stacked depth maps:

  • Drag horizons into Prospector and assign ages and types.
  • Pick any point in the map to view burial histories calculated on the fly.
  • Create a cross section from a transect and view it in 2D Viewer; changes to the transect are immediately reflected in the cross section, and changes to any of the maps automatically update the model.
  • Assign rock property information to horizons and conduct a pressure and temperature simulation (in 2D or 3D).
  • Use the migration solver to query the dynamic cross section.
  • Assign source properties to the horizons to be carried forward into any 3D model.

Basin model pre-processing

Use Map Viewer's basin model pre-processing tools to correct and enhance your map set:

  • fix crossed maps
  • fix holes and extend maps
  • create maps from pointsets using a variety of functions or kriging
  • smooth and refine maps
  • merge maps
  • use the map calculator to perform arithmetic operations using equations

Map Viewer also supports a variety of vector data formats, including ZMap, Irap, ESRI, Gocad, Temis, and EarthVision formats so that you can co-render cultural data.

Burial history
Calculate burial histories on the fly.
Cross section
View interactive model cross sections; calculate model pressures and temperatures on the 2D section.
3D models from maps
Use depth and facies maps to create high-resolution 3D models that can be used as an input to any Permedia simulators.

Temperature Map (PDF, 324 KB)
Use Curve Editor to create a temperature map.

Expulsion Maps (PDF, 480 KB)
Use Map Viewer to create generation and expulsion maps of light and heavy components.