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Maps are one of the most common datatypes used in any modeling workflow. Permedia® Viewers software includes powerful mapping tools that make it easy to create, query and manipulate map data:

  • Create 3D models from a single map, or build complex meshes from a set of stacked maps; preview basin models in a burial history without running a full simulation.
  • Map Viewer's petroleum system tools include closure analysis, shaded relief, slope and aspect, and fill spill analysis.
  • Map Viewer includes basin model pre-processing tools, including interpolation, extrapolation, kriging, smoothing and refining, and tools for fixing crossed grids.
  • Map Viewer also includes category analysis tools, with category size, volume and coverage reporting, and tools for transforming maps, including crop, merge, resampling, unit conversion and convolutions.
  • Create summary maps by projecting the fluid data onto a datum elevation, or of simulation results from 3D views.


Map Viewer supports industry-standard formats such as ZMap, Irap, Gocad and Beicip formats, and includes all the standard operations one would expect from a mapping package, including:

  • Contouring
  • Polygon digitizing
  • Hole filling
  • Coordinate and unit transforms
  • Category creation
  • Mathematical operations
  • Interpolation between maps
  • Creation of isochore maps
  • Import, display and manipulation of polyline, polygon and pointset data
  • Volume and mesh attribute extraction

Explore Mapping tools in more detail:

Petroleum System Tools

Model Building

When displaying multiple maps, colors and transparencies can be blended according to the color scales assigned to each map layer. This allows you to use one map (e.g., a shaded relief map) as a background map for displaying against other map data.
3D models from maps
Use depth and facies maps to create high-resolution 3D models that can be used as an input to any Permedia simulators. Display cross sections for multiple maps simultaneously for quick comparison.
Closures and fetches
Use Map Viewer's petroleum system tools for horizon analysis.
Well support
Co-render maps with wells with complex trajectories.
3D support
All maps and related objects can be displayed in 3D Viewer and co-rendered with other 3D objects.