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Pressure and Tracers

Pressure and Tracers generates a pressure and velocity field from any volume (structured or unstructured mesh) with sources and sinks (typically injector and production wells). Dope fluids with any number of numerical tracers to track the movement of the fluids. Model tracer trajectories in reservoirs in which upscaling (as required by traditional reservoir simulators) or ray tracing is inappropriate.

Pressure and Tracers Applications

  • Connectivity
    Evaluate dynamic connectivity of geostatistically-generated reservoir models.
  • Compartmentalization
    Identify pressure compartmentalization both within hydrocarbon accumulations and associated aquifers for field development planning.
  • Pressure seeding
    Seed a volume- or mesh-based model with known pressure (or overpressure) values and run an unsteady state pressure solve; the system is then allowed to “relax” and the pressure field will adjust according to the permeability fabric.
  • Pre-screening
    Pre-screen reservoir models prior to full production simulation.


Fluid velocities between two injectors and a producer. Ultra-low velocities are not shown.
Tracer concentrations from injector wells.
Results from a pressure seeding simulation run on a basin mesh.