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Permedia® software's industry-leading file support allows Permedia software to mesh seamlessly with your existing tools. Now with Landmark OpenWorks® and DSIS database integration, you can read and write a variety of OpenWorks objects with drag and drop ease.

Permedia products read files created by virtually every major package, including Temis, Eclipse, Irap, TrapTester and Gocad formats, as well as industry-standard seismic, map and well files:

  • Basin modeling packages - Temis 2D/3D meshes
  • Reservoir modeling packages - Eclipse and Irap meshes
  • Fault data - add faults using data derived from Badley's TrapTester, or Gocad surfaces
  • Geostatistical data - reads GSLib volumes
  • Seismic surveys - supports SEGY data from a variety of sources; also reads Voxel Geo volumes (.vol)
  • Cultural data - co-render cultural data from Gocad, Irap and Temis packages (ZMap™ .dat, Irap .vec, Gocad PLine, Temis .ext files)
  • Well data - reads all industry-standard well formats (Irap ASCII well file (*), Gocad wells, LAS well file (*.las)), supports well markers and zones, and writes to Gocad and LAS well formats
  • Mapping - reads all industry-standard mapping formats (Beicip g Grid (*.g *.g??), Zmap 2D Regular Grids, Generic 2D Regular Grid (*.xyz), Irap Grids (*.gri), Grass 2D Raster Map (*.gras), CPS-3 2D Regular Grid (*.grd), Generic 2D Regular Grid (*.xyz)), and writes to ZMap, Beicip and Irap formats
  • Native Gocad support - provides native support for most standard Gocad objects
  • Simulation results can be output to several volume and map formats, including ZMap and Gocad formats.

If there's a format that is crucial to your workflow that we don't support, we'll add it.

Of course, you don't have to have a lot of data to get started - you can create a model and run a migration simulation starting with a single image.

Data is always handled at the full resolution of the imported data.

3D Viewer, co-rendering a mesh, wells, maps and volumes.

 Permedia Data Support (PDF, 210 KB)
Formats supported by Permedia software.

 Google Earth (PDF, 384 KB)
Export scenes to Google Earth.