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Permedia™ software's industry-leading file support allows Permedia software to mesh seamlessly with your existing tools. Now with Landmark OpenWorks® database integration, you can read GDI wells (well header, curve data and position log), VDB grids, GeoShapes, pointsets, and SeisWorks® horizons with drag and drop ease.

Permedia products read files created by virtually every major package, including Temis, Eclipse, Irap, TrapTester and Gocad formats, as well as industry-standard seismic, map and well files:

  • Basin modeling packages - Temis 2D/3D meshes
  • Reservoir modeling packages - Eclipse and Irap meshes
  • Fault data - add faults using data derived from Badley's TrapTester, or Gocad surfaces
  • Geostatistical data - reads GSLib volumes
  • Seismic surveys - supports SEGY data from a variety of sources; also reads Voxel Geo volumes (.vol)
  • Cultural data - co-render cultural data from Gocad, Irap and Temis packages (ZMap™ .dat, Irap .vec, Gocad PLine, Temis .ext files)
  • Well data - reads all industry-standard well formats (Irap ASCII well file (*), Gocad wells, LAS well file (*.las)), supports well markers and zones, and writes to Gocad and LAS well formats
  • Mapping - reads all industry-standard mapping formats (Beicip g Grid (*.g *.g??), Zmap 2D Regular Grids, Generic 2D Regular Grid (*.xyz), Irap Grids (*.gri), Grass 2D Raster Map (*.gras), CPS-3 2D Regular Grid (*.grd), Generic 2D Regular Grid (*.xyz)), and writes to ZMap, Beicip and Irap formats
  • Native Gocad support - provides native support for most standard Gocad objects
  • Simulation results can be output to several volume and map formats, including ZMap and Gocad formats.

If there's a format that is crucial to your workflow that we don't support, we'll add it.

Of course, you don't have to have a lot of data to get started - you can create a model and run a migration simulation starting with a single image.

Data is always handled at the full resolution of the imported data.

3D Viewer, co-rendering a mesh, wells, maps and volumes.

 Permedia Data Support (PDF, 210 KB)
Formats supported by Permedia software.

 Google Earth (PDF, 384 KB)
Export scenes to Google Earth.