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Basin Pressure/Temperature

BasinPT is Permedia® software's stand alone, fully coupled basin pressure and temperature simulator. Use BasinPT to forward model pressures and temperatures in an evolving mesh. Combining a flexible calculator that uses the latest mathematics and computational efficiencies with rapid model building workflows, BasinPT allows you to model basin geometries and lithologies through time to create 1D, 2D and 3D models quickly and easily.

Featuring rapid calculations, unconformities, lithology proportion and facies-based rock property assignments, flexible boundary conditions, and calculator plugin, use BasinPT to investigate the impact of different petrophysical scenarios on your pressure model.

Forward model pressure and temperature on an existing mesh built using tools such as Petrel, Gocad or Trinity, or use Permedia's own rapid basin model building workflows to build sophisticated 2D and 3D models.

Couple BasinPT with petroleum generation and expulsion modules to create inputs into Migration for a complete basin modeling workflow.

Flexible lithology properties

The underlying rock property system is easily extensible and can handle dynamic mixing of rock properties. While other tools only allow lithology assignments to be based on constants or discrete maps, BasinPT accepts lithology proportions and mixes their properties on the fly. Use lithology proportion maps and volumes to get truly heterogeneous lithology assignments in basin models. Rock properties themselves are defined as curves, which can in turn be specified using any equation for maximum flexibility.

Flexible boundary conditions

All boundary conditions can be specified in many different ways. For example, temperature boundaries can be specified using constants, depth curves, time curves, heat flux maps or curves, and using a full lithosphere model. Both pressure and temperature boundary conditions can be set to vary through time, for different parts of the model. This is useful, for example, to open a boundary to mimic a pressure sink as a result of outcropping or accessing a hydrostatic aquifer outside of the model's area of interest.

1D, 2D and 3D

The same simulation engine is used for 1D, 2D and 3D workflows. Build 1D basin models using Well Viewer, an extensible, integrated well viewer and data analysis system.

Extend output with scripts

BasinPT provides dozens of outputs (temperature, overpressure, sediment maturity, mud weight, etc.). If there's a property that you would like to derive from the output of BasinPT, you can extend the calculator using Javascript – no need for special compilers and the language is easy to learn. For example, you can take BasinPT output and derive seismic velocities based on a relationship between effective stress, clay content and porosity. You can also use this scripting system to link with proprietary calculators and workflows.

Evaluating basin pressure and temperature evolution.
Results of a 3D basin simulation showing calculated maximum effective stress.
One of many ways to query calculated pressures and temperatures in any basin mesh. This interactive tool extracts 1D P/T values and P/Ts through time.

Feature - Lithology Proportion Maps and Volumes
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Feature - BasinPT
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