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Bacchus Biodegradation

We worked with the Bacchus II Consortium, headed by Professor Steve Larter, to incorporate the effects of biodegradation directly in Permedia software's Migration simulator.

University of Calgary – Math and Engineering

We partnered with Professor John Chen at the University of Calgary, who offers his experience in the world of mathematics and simulator design, and Professor Ian Gates in the Schulich School of Engineering, who provides guidance on simulator design and production engineering.

University of Newcastle - ShaleQuant

ShaleQuant is a set of artificial neural networks (ANNs) used to estimate the clay content, grain density and total organic content (TOC) of mudstones from standard wireline log data. It also includes permeability and pressure prediction capabilities. Working with Professor Andy Aplin at the Unviersity of Newcastle, we integrated ShaleQuant into Well Viewer.

Gushor - Geochemistry and heavy oils

Gushor provides unique solutions to exploration and production problems encountered in the unconventional energy recovery industry. They deliver heavy oil and tar sand industrial applications based on a strong fundamental academic research program in heavy oil and tar sands geochemistry. Gushor provided Permedia advice on geochemistry and we cooperated on the Gnawd tool for biodegradation assessment.

Colorado School of Mines - Gas migration

Colorado School of Mines used Permedia to study the processes by which gas fills the large tight‐gas‐sand reservoirs of the Rocky Mountains and the degree of internal communication in these reservoirs. This research will lead to new models for predicting the top of gas in these reservoirs, the composition of the gas, the validity of basin‐centered gas models and the degree of communication between different stratigraphic levels and different fault compartments within reservoirs.

GFZ - Kinetics

The Organic Geochemistry section of GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences used Permedia software and acted as an advisor for the Kinetics Plugin system.

Geocosm TMap™
TMap simulation of the spatial variation in the present-day predicted mean porosity for potential sandstone reservoirs of a specific petrofacies type in a selected stratigraphic layer.
Newcastle ShaleQuant
ShaleQuant results displayed in Well Viewer.
Gushor Gnawd
Gnawd simulates biodegradation via removal of biodegradable hydrocarbons at a temperature-dependant flux rate and fresh oil charge into a reservoir over geological time.

 Export Burial History (PDF, 132 KB)
Quickly export burial history data for use in Geocosm Touchstone.