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September 2007

Permedia and Geomechanics International announce development project

The project will develop an integrated toolkit for deriving pore pressure from 3D seismic velocity data.

The Permedia Research Group Inc. and Geomechanics International Inc. (GMI) are pleased to announce a joint technology development project to develop an integrated toolkit for deriving pore pressure from 3D seismic velocity data. This cooperative effort of Permedia and GMI will combine Permedia’s multi-scale visualization and fluid flow modelling environment with GMI’s pore pressure and geomechanical prediction experience and software systems.

In the first project phase, we plan to develop the basic prediction, calibration, and viewing capabilities for deriving pore pressure from 3D interval velocity data sets. Calibration using data from multiple wells will be an integral part of the workflow that will be implemented in the software. Leveraging Permedia's extensive data handling capabilities, it will be possible to define regions in the data volume and apply different calibrations to the regions based on links with external data objects including basin and other large-scale geomodels.

Permedia and GMI invite companies to actively participate in this technology development. A steering committee elected by the partners will advise on the technology to be implemented in the software and will set priorities for future project phases. As a return participants will receive early releases of the software and significant discounts on the commercial releases.

Permedia Research Group

The Permedia Research Group was founded in 1998 to develop MPath, the industry-leading software for predicting and risking high resolution petroleum migration trajectories and reservoir filling histories. Based on research by Dr. Dan Carruthers, MPath was the first commercial solver to use modified invasion percolation algorithms to simulate ultra-high resolution petroleum migration and reservoir filling. In 1998, the Permedia Research Group formed the Permedia Research and Development Consortium, with the support of the world's largest upstream oil and gas companies, to guide the development of MPath. MPath is now used worldwide in the fields of petroleum systems analysis, reservoir filling studies and the integration of regional, basin and reservoir datasets in an advanced visualization and analysis environment.

Geomechanics International Inc.

GeoMechanics International was founded in 1996 out of Stanford University and since has developed into the recognized leader in consulting, training and software in the field of geomechanics in the oil and gas industry. GMI’s methods are based on 20 years of research and development, and have been validated by 10 years of successful application to oilfield problems of pore pressure prediction, fault leakage, flow in fractured reservoirs, wellbore stability, completion optimization, and 3-D reservoir geomechanics including quantitative risk assessment to calculate prediction uncertainty. GMI’s methods cover all aspects of geomechanics throughout field life with sophisticated and reliable technologies.


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