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June 2009

Permedia releases MPath 4.16

The Permedia Research Group releases MPath 4.16, an incremental update to the industry-leading petroleum systems and reservoir filling toolkit.

With MPath 4.16, the industry's best migration simulator is now even better, featuring n-component migration using PVT plugins, Bacchus biodegradation, reaction plugins for custom reaction calculations (e.g., biodegradation, asphaltene precipitation), and dedicated post-processors for evaluating your simulations.

Use the Basin Mesh Overrides utility to create multiple source and seal scenarios as input to Migration. Basin Mesh Overrides now includes the ability to vary source rock thicknesses and add custom source rock reactions, all without having to rerun the original basin model, cutting days off of project model work.

MPath 4.16 also includes the new Basin P/T simulator used to forward model basin pressure and temperature evolution. Featuring rapid calculations, flexible boundary conditions, lithology proportion and facies-based rock property assignments, and calculator plugin. Basin P/T also supports models built using tools such as Petrel, Gocad and Trinity.

MPath includes dozens of map-based, petroleum systems tools, including Integrated fetch-closure analysis; dynamic fetch-closure analysis (fetch-closures through time); map-based generation and expulsion; easy, curve-based property assignments; creation of time-based, basin simulation grids for use with Migration and other tools.

MPath 4.16 includes new petroleum-systems oriented reservoir simulators, including reservoir filling and mixing tools with multi-phase, PVT plugins; molecular, pressure and thermal diffusion; and links with MPath Migration. MPath's reservoir simulators work with all the volumes and mesh formats currently supported.

MPath 4.16 also features an improved help system, with search, index, and links to web-based workflow documents and training videos.

Permedia Viewers, MPath's visualization suite, has also been enhanced, with VolumeViz LDM and new SEGY import tools. Create time‐based views, data extracts, plots, cross‐plots and many more, quickly and easily.

MPath supports dozens of formats including Gocad, Eclipse, Temis, Trinity, PetroMod, SEGY, Shapefiles, ZMap, LAS, Google Earth export, and more. MPath runs on Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 (Red Hat 4/5), and includes multicore support on RHEL5.

 MPath 4.16 Feature Summary [PDF]

About MPath

In development since 1998, Permedia MPath is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.