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May 2006

Permedia® releases MPath™ Version 4.8

The Permedia Research Group releases MPath Version 4.8, an incremental update to the industry-leading petroleum migration and reservoir filling toolkit.

MPath software's core migration tools have been enhanced with an improved generation and expulsion scheme, more flexible fault handling, tracers, and depth-dependent model temperatures and pressures. Version 4.8 also includes the new Pressure and Mixing, which lets you create pressure models of a reservoir for well planning, pressure studies, compartmentalization evaluation, fluid connectivity assessments, tracer studies, quantification of mixing, breakthrough times, and so forth.

MPath 4.8 adds more workflows for building 3D models from maps, from creating a quick regular grid MPath model using a single map, to complex meshes from a set of stacked maps.

MPath 4.8 includes sophisticated data handling and external file support, allowing you to query and transform maps, volumes and surfaces quickly and easily, and save MPath data to a variety of industry-standard formats. MPath 4.8 also adds native support for Gocad and Temis file formats.

MPath's post processing tools are now even better, with an enhanced Body Summary, a new Report Generator, and a Correlation module for ranking simulation results using real-world data, while Map Viewer has been updated with new terrain, closure, and category analysis tools.

 MPath 4.8 Feature Summary

About MPath Software

In development since 1998, MPath software is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.