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December 2013

Permedia® software version 5000.8.0 released

Landmark Software and Services releases Permedia 5000.8.0, a major update to the industry-leading petroleum systems and reservoir filling toolkit.

With version 5000.8.0, the industry's best petroleum systems toolkit is now even better, featuring a new collaborative calibration system, custom source rocks, more features for unconventional plays, enhanced 1D basin modeling, more scripting and plugin support, and more.

Global, collaborative calibration. Create, edit, manage, and share calibration data for basin and reservoir-scale applications simply and easily. Automatically plot calibration data against simulation results. Share calibration data with all modelers on your team. Tie calibration to “real” wells stored in an OpenWorks® database or other directories.

Enhanced OpenWorks® support. This release features improved performance when reading data, new write capabilities for well traces and maps, and a new filter-by-interpreter option.

Interactive model building. Prospector, Permedia software's framework-building tool, features updated source rock capabilities, dynamic source rock and PVT properties, updated handling of unconformities (including an angular unconformity wizard), layer inflation/deflation, and support for geo-referenced images.

Superior 1D basin modeling. With the most comprehensive, full-featured 1D basin modeling environment available, this release features support for custom source rocks via scripts or plugins and enhanced handling of missing sections.

More unconventional. This release includes many new features to help model unconventional resource plays. Use custom source rock schemes throughout the product (1D, Prospector, BasinPT and post-processing). Calculate fluid PVT properties in source rocks. Create custom calculators using Javascript. Turn reservoir models into “basin” models to apply the effects of geohistories on maturations, source and shale properties. Perform “Dusty Gas” diffusion modeling in Fluid Mixing.

Basin reactions. The Permedia software basin simulator, BasinPT, now supports custom fluid and rock reactions and local grid refinement. Create and alter rock and fluid properties during basin simulations. Model the effects of diagenesis, thermal intrusions, pressure effects of source cracking, geomechanical effects, and more. Define these reactions using scripts, without the use of special compilers or development kits.

And more. The release features numerous enhancements, including:

  • Simplified modeling of unconformities
  • Updates to many multi-1D to 3D workflows
  • Improved map editing and map analysis
  • New “bundling” feature to quickly archive everything needed to run any model
  • Interpolate and extrapolate wireline well data onto stratigraphic grids
  • Improved error messaging and sanity checks
  • 30x speed up in compositional Migration
  • Updated Quick Model for creating conceptual models from pictures
  • New debugging and auto stack trace system for fixing issues
  • Filter project listings to quickly locate data

Permedia software 5000.8.0 still features the industry's most feature-complete set of tools for manipulating and analyzing data, is extensible with plugins and scripting support, and supports dozens of formats.

The software is available in the following packages:

Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D. A powerful set of tools for conducting 1D basin modeling in frontier exploration areas and shale field developments. Model sediment maturities, heat flow, compaction, source rock potential and any number of derived properties based on your own workflows.

Permedia Petroleum Systems. Includes petroleum migration and basin pressure and temperature simulators, in addition to many supporting technologies that complement these workflows. Build a structural framework, forward model pressures and temperatures, add source generation and migrate petroleum.

Permedia Suite. Model basin-scale processes over geological time to help evaluate source rock potential, migration, reservoir trap and seal characteristics, reservoir filling, and fluid composition prediction. Permedia Suite incorporates all of the basin modeling tools of Permedia Petroleum Systems, and adds reservoir fluid modeling, including Reservoir Filling, Pressure and Tracers, Fluid Mixing and Black Oil Simulator.

Permedia Pore Pressure. Conduct pore pressure studies to aid in understanding basin scale paleo-pressure evolution. Model the influences of pressures on trap integrity and sealing capacity, reservoir quality and maturation, and migration efficiency in the petroleum system, which provides significant advantages to prospect evaluation and pre-drill analysis.

Permedia Viewers. The 'Base' module, a complete set of analysis and visualization tools, including a full OpenGL-accelerated 3D visualization environment, a suite of mapping analysis tools, a Well Viewer for analyzing well data, as well as powerful reporting tools for querying and analyzing data.

Permedia CO2. An industry-validated suite of tools customized for CO2 applications, with workflows for both prospecting and injection and storage simulation.

Visit us at the Landmark web site.

Permedia 5000.8.0 runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 8) and Linux 64 (Red Hat 4/5/6).

About Permedia software

In development since 1998, Permedia software is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.