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December 2011

Permedia releases Permedia 5000.0.3.0

The Permedia Research Group releases Permedia 5000.0.3.0, a major update to the industry-leading petroleum systems and reservoir filling toolkit.

With Permedia 5000.0.3.0 (formerly MPath), the industry's best petroleum systems toolkit is now even better, featuring a revolutionary new migration simulator, drag-and-drop connectivity with OpenWorks®, a new 1D basin modeling platform, a new interactive Earth model-building tool, and more.

Next-generation Migration simulator. Permedia 5000.0.3.0 features a completely new simulator that builds on our experience from the last 15 years of petroleum migration modeling. Features of the new simulator include coupling with hydrodynamics, multi- threading and advanced genetic tracers to determine the pedigree of accumulations, the mapping of true 3D fetch areas and rock contact volumes (migration loss rates).

Support for OpenWorks data stores. Seamlessly read in GDI wells with traces, markers and trajectory, horizons, and GDI grids (as maps). Sub-select the data in the data store by district, project, interpreter and well lists. Drag-and-drop OpenWorks data into the viewers, use them as input to simulators, save them as local data objects, and run scripts on them.

Interactive Earth model building. Build complex Earth models interactively with Prospector, Permedia's new Earth model-building tool. With Prospector, perform calculations as the model is being developed. Calculations are performed in the background, providing dynamically generated information as the underlying Earth model changes.

1D basin modeling. Well Viewer now includes a full 1D basin modelling environment, with full lithosphere and support for unconformities and source rocks; models are generated using the BasinPT basin temperature and pressure solver. Generate a full 1D basin model from an Earth model with a single click.

New look and feel. Landmark has been working with user interface experts to bring a new and common user experience across its suite of products. The latest DecisionSpace Desktop release includes new Light and Dark dark interfaces, and this same user experience is available in Permedia 5000.0.3.0.

Permedia 5000.0.3.0 still includes the industry's most feature-complete set of tools for manipulating and analyzing data, is extensible with plugins and scripting support, and supports dozens of formats including Gocad, Eclipse, Temis, Trinity, PetroMod, SEGY, Shapefiles, ZMap, LAS, Google Earth export, and more.

Permedia 5000.0.3.0 is now available in the following packages:

Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D. A powerful set of tools for conducting 1D basin modeling in frontier exploration areas and shale field developments. Use Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D to model sediment maturities, heat flow, compaction, source rock potential and any number of derived properties based on your own workflows.

Permedia Petroleum Systems. Includes petroleum migration and basin pressure and temperature simulators, in addition to many supporting technologies that complement these workflows. Build Earth models, forward model pressures and temperatures, add source generation and migrate petroleum.

Permedia Suite. Permedia Suite delivers petroleum systems technology for basin and reservoir scale modeling. The software models basin-scale processes over geological time to help geoscientists evaluate source rock potential, migration, reservoir trap and seal characteristics, reservoir filling, and fluid composition prediction. Permedia Suite incorporates all of the basin modeling tools of Permedia Petroleum Systems, and adds reservoir fluid modeling, including Reservoir Filling, Pressure and Tracers, Fluid Mixing and Black Oil Simulator.

Permedia Pore Pressure. Provides a flexible set of tools, including Pore Pressure Integration, for conducting pore pressure studies, which can aid in understanding basin scale paleo-pressure evolution. The software models the influences of pressures on trap integrity and sealing capacity, reservoir quality and maturation, and migration efficiency in the petroleum system, which provides significant advantages to prospect evaluation and pre-drill analysis.

Permedia Viewers. The Permedia visualization suite, a complete set of analysis and visualization tools, including a full OpenGL-accelerated 3D visualization environment, a suite of mapping analysis tools, a Well Viewer for analyzing well data, as well as powerful reporting tools for querying and analyzing data.

Permedia 5000.0.3.0 runs on Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 (Red Hat 4/5).

About Permedia software

In development since 1998 as MPath, Permedia software is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.