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April 2008

BeicipFranlab adds support for Permedia Viewers and MPath to Dionisos

Permedia's advanced post-processing and visualization package is now available directly from Dionisos, and MPath Migration modelers can now run simulations on Dionisos meshes.

Users of Dionisos, the advanced 3D stratigraphic modeling kit from IFP, can now visualize their data directly in Permedia Viewers, the easy-to-use visualization and analysis tools from The Permedia Research Group. Permedia's viewing technology brings Dionisos users unparalleled flexibility in viewing and analyzing their models and external datasets.

In addition, Dionisos now includes an export capability that will allow modelers to use Dionisos meshes as inputs to MPath's basin and reservoir tools, including MPath's advanced petroleum migration simulator.

The new features will be made available in version 2.1 of the commercial release of Dionisos.

For more information on using Permedia Viewers and Migration with Dionisos, contact dionisos@beicip.com.

About Dionisos

Over the last 10 years, IFP has developed a 3D stratigraphic model, Dionisos, intended to simulate the evolution of sedimentary systems at basin to prospect scales. From the definition of key structural and sedimentary parameters such as basin deformation, sediment supply, and sediment transport, Dionisos performs a simulation of sedimentary processes and provides a 3D numerical grid that represents the basin structure and stratigraphy, yielding quantitative insights into reservoir properties. Maps and/or 3D grids representing facies and paleobathymetry can then be exported to a basin model to constrain the simulation of hydrocarbon genesis, migration, and trapping, leading to better basin to prospect evaluations.

About Permedia Viewers

Originally developed in conjunction with MPath, Permedia Viewers is a complete set of analysis and visualization tools, including a full OpenGL-accelerated 3D visualization environment, a suite of mapping analysis tools, a Well Viewer for analyzing well data, as well as powerful reporting tools for querying and analyzing data and post-processing simulation results.

About Permedia MPath

In development since 1998, Permedia MPath is used by many of the world's leading upstream companies to understand and reduce risk in complex petroleum systems and reservoir filling scenarios. It is available to any commercial parties on a sale or study basis.