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April 2006

MPath DRM adds support for PBS Proâ„¢

MPath's Distributed Risk Module (DRM) now supports Altair Engineering's PBS Professionalâ„¢ for distributed processing.

Using MPath's DRM you can generate more realizations in less time by running multiple simulations concurrently on a distributed computing grid. This is a very powerful tool to help constrain cases where large uncertainties exist in the input parameters, typical for any exploration scenario.

For information on licensing DRM with MPath, contact Permedia.

About Altair

Altair's Enterprise Computing business unit develops and provides grid technology to efficiently manage computational workload across local and distributed LINUX, UNIX, Mac and Windows based HPC environments - maximizing hardware and software utilization and job turn-around efficiency.

Altair PBS Pro, an intelligent workload management and batch queuing solution for numerically intense compute environments, is the flagship product of Altair's Enterprise business unit. PBS Pro is a highly scaleable and open workload management solution that maximizes the utilization of high- performance computing resources.


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