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Founded in 1998, the Permedia Research and Development Consortium funds the development of Permedia® software. Comprising a number of the world's leading upstream companies, the Consortium members help to guide development and receive exclusive access to development versions of the product, along with a measure of security for their investment.

The following world class companies have chosen to be Sponsors on the Permedia Research and Development Consortium:

Anadarko Petroleum Apache
BG International BHP Billiton
BP Chevron
ConocoPhillips ENI E&P Division
ExxonMobil URC Geoscience Australia
Geoscience Victoria Hess
Japex/JGI Marathon
Petronas Repsol
Statoil Woodside


Membership benefits

Members of the Permedia Research and Development Consortium benefit from the following:

Seat on the Steering Committee
Research is guided by the Steering Committee, which ultimately decides what goes into the product. Steering Committee members (i.e. Sponsors) meet once a year to review and prioritize research and development. The research and development program is entirely driven by Sponsors with Permedia having equal input into the planning process.

Exclusive access to development snapshots
New features can be in development for months, from the first prototype up until they are ready for prime time. With exclusive access to development snapshots, Sponsors can try new features as they are being developed and provide valuable input on work flow and usability. And once the features appear in the final product, Sponsors are ready to take full advantage of them in their own workflows.

Exclusive access to research and development software features
Certain features are designated as research and development in nature. Sponsors have exclusive access to these features for 12 months past the date they are provided as a usable product. Combined with exclusive access to development snapshots, this translates into exclusive access to these features for up to 2 years.

Perpetual licenses and discounts
Sponsors receive two "base" (perpetual) licenses of Permedia Suite software, and may receive special pricing on additional licenses.

Permedia Viewers
In addition to Permedia Suite software, sponsors get additional Permedia Viewers licenses, allowing anyone in your organization to view modeling results. This applies to all viewers: 1D, Map Viewer, 3D Viewer, Well Viewer, and the entire querying framework.

Legal Disclaimer: Sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement of Permedia. In addition, Sponsors neither endorse nor are responsible for the content of Permedia's web site.

If you are interested in joining the Consortium, please contact us.

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