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The Permedia Research Group was founded in 1998 to develop MPath™ software (since renamed Permedia® software), the industry-leading application for predicting and risking high resolution petroleum migration trajectories and reservoir filling histories. MPath software was the first commercial solver to use modified invasion percolation algorithms to simulate migration and reservoir filling.

Also in 1998, the Permedia Research Group formed the Permedia Research and Development Consortium to help fund and guide the development of MPath software. The three founding Sponsors were Norsk Hydro, Statoil and British Gas (BG), and the consortium grew to include many of the world's leading upstream companies, such as Anadarko, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Eni, ExxonMobil, and Apache.

The next phase of the software's development added reservoir solvers as part of the three-year Reservoir fluids and fluid mixing project, also funded by the Permedia Research and Development Consortium. Started in 2005, the project leveraged MPath software's existing high resolution rapid modeling capabilities.

Also in 2005, the Permedia Research Group released its visualization tools as a separate product, Permedia Viewers software.

In 2008, the Permedia Research Group launched the three-year CO2Toolkit research and development project to discover and apply novel techniques for understanding CO2 injection and storage at basin, field and reservoir scales. The project was supported by the world's leading industrial and academic organizations pioneering CO2 storage.

In 2010, the Permedia Research Group was acquired by Halliburton, where the team became an integral part of the Landmark Software and Services business line.

In 2011, MPath software was renamed Permedia software, and the first version under that name, Permedia 5000.0.3.0, was released in December, featuring support for Landmark's OpenWorks® database.

Landmark Software released version 5000.8 of Permedia software in September 2013, and version 5000.10 in January 2016.

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