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Permedia® 5000.12.0 now available

The next version of the industry-leading petroleum systems modeling toolkit is now available. Permedia® 5000.12 includes enhanced OpenWorks® database support, petroleum systems events charts, enhancements to Source Rock Assessment and Data Explorer, 3D PDF support, and more.

Permedia Petroleum SystemsPermedia Petroleum Systems software

Provides a complete end-to-end workflow for basin modeling: build a structural framework, forward model pressures and temperatures, add source generation and seal characteristics, and migrate fluids using the most advanced simulator in the industry.

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Permedia Petroleum Systems 1D software

An easy to use 1D (well data) basin modeling toolkit. Start from actual well data or a spreadsheet and build 1D basin models, perform well and source rock analysis, and create pressure from wireline studies.

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Pore Pressure IntegrationPermedia Viewers software

Integrate data from dozens of packages in a single view. Includes a full OpenGL-accelerated 3D visualization environment, a suite of mapping analysis tools, a well viewer for analyzing well data, as well as powerful reporting tools for querying and analyzing data.

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Permedia Suite software

Incorporating all of the post-processing tools of Permedia Viewers software and basin modeling tools of Permedia Petroleum Systems software, Permedia Suite software adds reservoir fluid modeling, integrating reservoir and basin workflows.

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Pore Pressure IntegrationPermedia Pore Pressure software

A flexible set of tools for conducting pore pressure studies. Each option can be used individually, or in conjunction with Pore Pressure Integration, an easy-to-use tool for combining pressure data from multiple sources.

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Permedia CO2 software

CO2 Toolkit logoPermedia CO2 software was developed with the support of the world's leading industrial and academic organizations currently pioneering CO2 storage.

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Acquired by Halliburton in September 2010, the Permedia Research Group is part of Landmark Software and Services, developing Permedia software (formerly MPath™ software), the industry-leading petroleum exploration and development software toolkit. Using Permedia software, upstream oil companies can better evaluate risk by quickly and reliably assessing the viability of their petroleum exploration and production efforts.

With support for dozens of industry formats, Permedia software allows you to integrate regional, basin and reservoir datasets in a single environment, giving you a whole new perspective on the relationships between exploration and production.

All this, with a product that is user friendly and meshes seamlessly with existing systems.

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October 2017

Webinar: Capturing Uncertainty

Using Permedia® software and data from Exploration Insights, Kathleen Gould and Kate Evans demonstrate how using sensitivity analysis on a basin-scale 3D model can yield insights even in data-sparse areas.

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April 2017

Exploration Insights releases 1D basin models

Exploration Insights has made a first set of 1D basin models, built using Permedia software, available to its Advanced Tier customers. The models aim to assess and test key risks related to plays in frontier exploration regions. The first set includes models for offshore Liberia, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.

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January 2017

Permedia in Exploration Insights

The January 2017 issue of Exploration Insights Magazine includes an article on capturing uncertainty in basin modeling, with a case study using Permedia software. To subscribe, visit the link below.

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December 2016

Permedia 5000.12 released

The next version of Permedia software, featuring enhancements and fixes, is now available via the Landmark Software Manager.

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December 2016

Permedia in E&P Magazine

Get better answers using integrated modeling.

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January 2016

Permedia 5000.10 released

The next version of Permedia software, featuring enhancements and fixes, is now available via the Landmark Software Manager.

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October 2015

Permedia® software at iEnergy™

Landmark's new iEnergy™ Community website features a new discussion forum, including an Exploration forum. Register and sign in to the iEnergy community to join the conversation.

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November 2014

Permedia in E&P Magazine

Use basin modeling techniques to better identify sweet spots and understand shale plays.

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December 2013

Permedia 5000.8 released

The next version of Permedia software, featuring significant new functionality and enhancements, is now available via the Landmark Software Manager.

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August 2013

World Oil Awards

Permedia Suite software has been named a finalist in the Best Exploration Technology category of the 2013 World Oil Awards.

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April 2012

Consortium Meeting

The next meeting of the Permedia Research and Development Consortium will take place May 8-10 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

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March 2012

New consortium members

The past year has seen Apache and Repsol join the Permedia Research and Development Consortium.

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December 2011

Permedia 5000.0.3 Released

The latest release of Permedia software (formerly MPath) is now available for customer and sponsor download.

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Permedia software is available for download via the Landmark Software Manager. For licensing inquiries, registration, and access to LSM, visit Landmark Customer Support.

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